Monday, March 14, 2011

Thank you

I am a bit later in posting than I had hoped.  It has been another Monday.  Another fight with my son to go to school.  If things don't calm down after this week a think a meeting with some of the adults at the school is in order.
I have been going to the gym after taking him to school.  It has been great.  I am so kicking my butt and I am not even doing much.  Hopefully soon my body will get used to it and I can last longer than 10 minutes  :)
These cards I made using my new stamp set first stamp set from "My Cute Stamps".  I found it thanks to Geny Cassady.  She does an amazing job with her cards.  I have copied her layouts many times. 
I have more thank you cards to make and one I am going to try out.  I got an idea for a layout, kinda seen it before, but after seeing a ladies bag at church yesterday I got an itching to make a different kind of card for me.  I will hopefully have it done in time to post tomorrow.
Until then, I hope Monday treats you well.
Thanks for stopping by!!!


Lorie said...

Those are great cards Missy! Hope things get better for your son!

resmith said...

These are so pretty!! I love the soft colors!