Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 18th...

and this is what I woke up to.  This is a tree in our front yard. 

I wasn't disappointed at all, actually I was quite excited. Here in South Dakota we keep hearing that this is normal and we are "due" for one good blizzard. Every time it snows I wonder if this is it. So far, that isn't the case. It was snowing half the day and raining the other half yesterday. Today there is a bit of snow and wind and keep wondering if it is going to continue towards our blizzard. The weather forecast still calls for snow/rain for the rest of the week so we shall see what happens.

This is my oldest on his way to the bus stop with Daddy.  See, my husband had the day off from work yesterday.  We didn't want to tell my oldest in the morning because then he would want to stay home from school.  Since we had so much trouble with him getting to school since we moved that another excuse for him to not want to go was not an option.

He is so brave and is doing so much better.  He fought me a bit again this morning but he actually smiled when he was walking up the bus steps.  He makes me so proud.

 I am so glad that I was given this spirit, entrusted with his spirit, to teach him and help him grow in the gospel and find his way back to our Heavenly Father. 
He is growing up so fast and it makes me sad.  Yet, next to the bus he looks so small and vulnerable.  I pray that I will be able to help him in his growth both in the world and in the gospel.

This is why my husband had the day off yesterday.  I got to attend what is called HeartLink here on the base.  It was a great time of learning what is available to us as spouses not only on the base but in the community.  What is expected of our husbands and what our role is as the spouse.
This is me getting ready to head up to the cockpit of a B-1B bomber.

Here is a few of the nose.  This particular B-1 was in a hangar being worked on, that is why you see all the tubes and equipment around it.  The big tube hanging from the ceiling is air to keep the equipment cool. 


How I have always wanted to have the opportunity to fly in a fighter jet.  This is the closest I have been, even though the bomber is not a fighter jet.  There is 2 seats, the other was to my right.  The room that the pilots have to maneuver in is minuscule.  I don't know how they do it.  I was barely able to get my other leg into the correct position.  But I had a blast seeing where my husband works and what he deals with on a daily basis.


This is a different jet.  I didn't realize it was being worked on as well.  But it was outside as we drove by and wanted to get a full shot of the plane.
Do not worry, I checked with my husband to make sure I wasn't posting pictures showing anything I shouldn't be showing.  I am grateful to the wonderful people who put this program together for us spouses and help us to feel more like the community and wanting to hear our input.  So many other bases seem to forget about the military family and focus 100% on the military personnel.  It is nice to see that this base actually believes that the spouses, our children and our opinions are important and mean something.
I hope your Monday was wonderful.
I had hoped to make it to the gym again after 2 weeks but both the hubby and I forgot to switch the car seats back to my car so that will have to wait until tomorrow.
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