Thursday, April 28, 2011

April showers bring May flowers

Happy Friday Eve everyone!!!  We have an appointment to see the doctor for little man's check-up.  I can't believe he is almost 15 months old.  Really?  Where does the time go?  It makes me so sad knowing he is my last little guy and growing up so fast.  He is walking all over the place now.  He loves walking and doesn't want any help.
We locked ourselves out of the house my middle man locked us out of the house yesterday so while waiting almost 20 minutes for a nice gentleman to come unlock the door for us, little man had to walk around the front yard.  To help him from falling I tried to hold his hand but he wouldn't have it.  He was walking up the slanted driveway, on the grass, around the corner, everywhere.  I was so proud and so sad at the same time.  Proud of him and his growth but sad for me and losing my baby.
Well, on to my project.  I saw this tutorial on Michael's facebook page and knew I wanted to make some.  After finding some old photos I need to scrapbook I tried to do that but nothing was coming to me so I decided to make the flowers to help the creative juices.
I first made the big one with 8X8 PP I won, I think it is Cosmo Cricket Christmas paper.  I used the same pattern just different colors.

After sitting for a while wondering what I was going to do now.  I decided to take some of my boy's construction paper and cut it smaller, 6X6 this time.  In the center of both flowers is a vintage button I bought a long time ago at Michael's. 
I do have an idea now to actually make the "floral paper ball" with the smaller blue flower.  Mostly those decorations are used for weddings but since I don't know anyone who is getting married I did know what to do with my flowers.  I am excited to try it out but it will take a while  :)
The big 8X8 is not perfect but that is what I expecting with it being the first try.  Also with the bigger flower you may have noticed that it takes 5 sheets to make one flower.  They are put together with hot glue.  The video makes it seem a bit difficult but it really isn't after you really pay attention and get the idea.  The second flower probably took half the time the first one did. 

I also wanted to share this picture with you.  I took this after we were done looking at houses for our friends who are moving up here soon.  We couldn't be more excited to have them close again.  The only reason why I HAD to take this picture is because of what is say.  For some it may not make sense at first but it says, "Home of Wall Drug" and on the other side it says "Wall".  There is a city in South Dakota called Wall.  It does have a place called Wall Drug.  In fact, there are signs all over the place guiding you to Wall Drug.  It is a cool place for kids and we are going this summer when the giant dinosaur will be able to be played on.  Most of the advertisements for Wall Drug say "Where the heck is Wall Drug", it is out in the middle of nowhere.
BUT, this water tower is not located in Wall, SD.  It is on the side of a road in Box Elder, SD.  Box Elder is another small town just outside of the Air Force Base here.
Well, I gotta run so I can be ready to take little man to his check up.  I know he is going to need shots but I am not sure if he it is too soon after his last set.  I hope he doesn't get them today but then again it would be nice to get them over and done with.
Have a great Thursday!!!
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resmith said...

These are pretty! Tanya showed me a while back how to make them but I forgot how to make them.