Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Birthday Cards

Happy Tuesday!!! Well, Monday didn't finish the way I planned but thank goodness it is over and we can move on. Things have been very stressful and strange for me the last few months and hopefully I can get things back on track and work on being more creative.

I have a plan to make crafting a regular part of my day. My boys love to craft as well and I need to do what I can to encourage their creativity. What type of crafting mom would I be if I didn't encourage my boys to let their creative juices flow and their imaginations run wild?!?!?! hehehe

Anyway, tomorrow is my son's actual birthday so I will have a special tribute to him but for today I decided to show you the cards that he was given on his birthday. These are only the handmade ones. My grandmother did give him a card that he absolutely love, not only because it had money in it (his second most favorite thing int he world, next to anything else new) but it had a picture of "Ironman" on it. He loves Ironman and so wants anything to do with him (and any other movie character). For his birthday my parents bought him an Optimus Prime helmet that changes his voice and he LOVES it. Now he is also begging for more "Transformer" characters and "Ironman" toys (he will be getting the movie for Christmas).

The first card is the one that my mom made him for his birthday and the second I made. You will know the difference because the one I made was literally made in 5 or so minutes right before we walked out the door to go get his cake and then drive to my parents house for the party. Since it is so simple I am not going to give any details. If you do want any though, please feel free to ask.

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Lorie said...

Both cards are absolutely adorable!