Monday, November 10, 2008

Hubby gifts

Happy Monday all!!! I hope you had an awesome weekend. I am hoping we are done with all the issues that plagued us this passed week and weekend. Yesterday hubby stayed home from church because he was sick. I still have a hacking cough but it is getting better and the coughing fits are getting fewer and farther between.
With all of that and fighting migraine after migraine I didn't get anytime in the craft room. In fact I am pretty behind in the laundry department as well. Good thing this isn't a full week. Hubby has Tuesday off so we have an extra day to get things accomplished. We have decided that since he has Tuesday off we are going to take my oldest son to get his 5 year pictures taken. My son will be 5 on the 19th of this month. I can't believe he is going to be 5 already. I really wish I can make them stay young forever but alas, I can't, so I will do my best to raise them the best way I know how so when it is time for them to leave my own they will have the skills needed to live a healthy life.
I know, I am good at getting off topic. Did you realize, my hubby just had his birthday on the 7th, my oldest sons is on the 19th and if that wasn't enough my Dad's birthday is the 16th of this month. My family is good at grouping birthdays, hehehe. My birthday is the same day as my older sisters (I will share that story as it gets closer) and my youngest son's birthday is on the 30th of Dec. Fun times, fun times.
Since I wasn't able to get into the craft room this weekend I am so glad that I haven't shared the gift set I made for my husband's birthday. I made him a card and a gift card holder withing a short time. Man, was my duties jam packed last Friday.
I bought a gift card tin from Michael's a long time ago for just an occasion. My husband already got a "gift" for his birthday a few months back when it was on sale but I am a firm believer that someone needs to open something ON their birthday so I got him a gift card to one of his favorite stores (Bass Pro Shops).
I took some of the hunting paper that I had and glued it to the top of the tin, took some vintage eyelets I bought from SU! and put those at the bottom and then took some, gee, I am not even sure if you can call it ribbon but I love it and need to get some more. I bought it at Michael's and thought that it worked well with the theme of the gift.
For the card I took the same hunting paper, a different style hunting paper, some kraft cardstock, and the same ribbon to make a quick card. I took some palette brown ink and "dirtied" up the ribbon (wish I had thought about that for the gift card tin).
I then took some vintage cream cardstock from PTI and stamped the tree (PTI "Father knows best" a must have if you make manly cards). I also "dirtied up the cream cardstock the same way I did the ribbon. The "happy birthday" sentiment is from PTI's anniversary set.
I think that is all. If you have any questions, as always, feel free to email or ask in your comments.
Thanks for stopping by!!!
Edited to Add (ETA): I can't believe I forgot to add the pictures to the post sorry. The first picture is the card that my oldest son made for his daddy.


resmith said...

I don't see a picture of the gift set you made.

resmith said...

Nice set!!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Wow I bet he LOVED this!! What guy WOULDN'T love a gift card to Bass Pro! LOL

Debbie Olson said...

Beautiful card and coordinating gift box, Missy, and it's sweet to see your son's card too--my son would think that it's very cool!