Monday, November 3, 2008

Christmas Card Part 3

Happy Monday all!!! I hope you had a great weekend. Ours was pretty normal. We actually spent Saturday morning trudging in the rain helping the efforts of Prop 8. I sure hope that our efforts didn't go to waste. We truly believe in this otherwise we wouldn't do what we do to promote the benefits and disadvantages that may come depending on which way it goes. I certainly suggest that you all go out and vote tomorrow (holy cow, can you believe it is tomorrow) Can we get a YAHOO!!! for that one. I am so glad that it is almost over. May the best man win and the best props get passed. Sorry about all that. I am just very concerned about this election. This is a serious time in our country and I am very concerned about the ramifications if things go the wrong way.

Okay, off my soap box for now. I just wanted to say all that. This is important. If you haven't voted via absentee (like me and the hubby) then please make sure to go out tomorrow and cast your vote.

Okay, Okay, I am off. Here is my 3rd attempt at Christmas cards for the year. I really, really love this one. The ONLY bad thing is that it was very time consuming and with all the cards we have to mail out there is no way I could get them all done in time even if I started today. I am going to send this to someone near and dear to me (I just wish I knew who that person was right now). What I do think I am going to do though is go with the very first card I made, with the flourishes and such from PTI's silent night stamp set. I absolutely love how that card turned out.

This card today was made using Amy Rysavy's layout. It is absolutely lovely and I had fun using it. I hope you like this one as much as I do.

Have a great Monday!!! And as always, thanks for stopping by!!!


P.S. Happy late bday to my late Grandfather Archie (he was a great man and I am so happy to have known him and I miss him dearly). His birthday was yesterday.

P.S.S. Eek!!! I just realized that my bday is now less than a month away (a month yesterday) ewww, the biggin' is coming.


Keri Lee Sereika said...

This is a sweet Christmas card!!! :)But yeah I hear you...if you are sending lots of cards, they have to be simple and easy to create a stack of them! :)

resmith said...

This is a great card! Love it. Don't worry to much about the big birthday that you seem to worry so much about. I am so way past that and can tell you it isn't so bad. Look forward to what is in store for you in the years to come.

Rachel said...

this is such a sweet Christimas card!

AmyR said...

Great card - I love the papers you used!! Thanks for playing along! :D

Lisa Graves said...

Such a pretty card.