Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Monday morning!!!

I am still not feeling 100% and I have no idea when that will happen. I did make it to church yesterday and it was just awesome seeing all the kids with their ears open and learning the gospel. I am just still so confused with what my job entails (I am been asked to be the Primary Presidency Secretary). I was not wanting to be in Primary because 2 hours of church are the only hours I get away from my kids but it is so great to because I get to learn with them and all the stuff I never got to learn when I was their age.

I was feeling great heading to church. I had almost 100% range of motion and almost no pain. That is until I got in the car. The 15 min. or so car ride to church was brutal and sitting in the pew for an hour was just horrific. I couldn't wait to get up and move. By the time I got home I had a heat wrap on my back. WOW!!! That worked wonders. By time dinner rolled around I was feeling somewhat normal again and was able to sit and have dinner with the family.

But all of that isn't the reason why I came on here. I am finally going to show you the "gifts" I made for my boys' teachers for the holidays and end of year celebration. Every year in Jan. the kids move up to the next class in church. My oldest was CTR 5 (kids turning 5 in that year) and now he is in CTR 6 (turning 6 this year). My youngest was in nursery last year and now that he is 3 he goes to Primary and in called a sunbeam.

So, for appreciation of the teachers my boys had last year in their Sunday schooling I made them a little gift. When I say little I mean little.

Here you go!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope to be able to play with my new stamps and give you something new to look at. Until then, have a great Monday!!!


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