Friday, January 2, 2009

I hope you all had a great holiday season!!!

Wow!!! It has been a long time since I posted. I do have something crafty to show you. I made something simple for my boys Sunday School/Nursery teachers that I gave them on the last Sunday of the year. I can't believe it is over. Anyway, I do have something to show you but not today.
The holidays were crazy and fun. I realized that I really like the Wii system. I am so sore it isn't even funny. Who know that a video game could be so good for your body?!?!?!
We had family visiting us, my SIL, and my hubbies best friends since they were kids (but he is family to us). It was great having a full house and being able to have our special Italian Christmas Eve.
After the fun morning activities that the boys loved we went to my sisters house and celebrated the holiday with some of my family.
Not to mention we had quite a few birthdays in the mix. My youngest son actually just turned 3 on the 30th of Dec. so 2 days after Christmas we had the family over for a birthday celebration that turned out great.
It was so great!!! I just didn't make any time to do anything crafty. But, today is a new day and things will be returning back to normal. The family is gone :( and work begins again.
Hopefully things will be getting back into their routine and I can do some more crafting this year.
I hope you all had a wonderful, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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