Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here comes...

Wooohooo!!! As usual the cord was right in front of my face. Well, actually it was in a door in the living room that I didn't even think to open. Thank goodness my husband gets to come home for lunch and he knew exactly where the cord was.
So here is the long awaited card hehehe....

Nothing fancy, in fact I am not very fond of it but I wanted to make a point. Some people might not think that their creations are not worth showing online.

I will tell you a little background about my crafting. I started out crocheting and cross-stitching and such. It wasn't until after I was married that my mom and sister started scrapbooking and showed me a few things. I never actually got good at it. I like it but I always put too much into it.
I can't remember when it was now probably between my boys or right after heaving my second son that my mom and sister talked to me about card-making. That I got real into. I ended up loving to stamp. Now, I am still not very good at layouts and such but I have fun and my family and friends seem to think I do an okay job, even so that they are excited when I give them a card.

My goal behind this blog, to get noticed and hopefully be able to get on a design team. Like I said, I work on a budget here so most of my stuff is cheap or limited in supply. Being on a design team would be I get to stamp with brand new stamps and show people how to use them differently. How fun would that be?

But that doesn't mean I am an expert at card-making or stamping for that matter. This is a good example of that.

The deets, PTI white and dark chocolate cardstock; stamps: pti polka dot basics, paper tray, silent night, ambassador monogram edition, and boxes, bags, and tags; ink: palette white and dark brown, pti ocean tides; eyelet from SU!; and ribbon from Michael's dollar section, oh and the self-adhesive crystals.

I think that is it. I gotta something I really liked to show you tomorrow so I hope to see you then.

Thanks for stopping by!!!


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