Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl fun and a birthday wish

I know this is very, very late. But I really had to get some things done today. And sadly, I am still not done with what I had planned for today. Vacuuming and more laundry (there is always laundry to do now that my youngest is almost 100% potty-trained). My son just gets so into playing, or eating or whatever he is doing that sometimes he forgets or just doesn't want to stop to go potty. I love the potty-trained part (Thank you to my sister) but the transition from diapers to potty-trained fully is a pain in the hiney. Do you think that he can go potty on his own? Of course not, although he knows what is supposed to be done he still refuses to go. He always needs help.
I do want to say before anything else. Happy day late birthday MOM!!! My mom's birthday was yesterday Feb. 1st. I wish we could have shared the day with you. I hope you had a wonderful day.
It is also a special day for me. 12 years ago yesterday, the first, my dad, 3 siblings, and I were baptized members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I hold that close to my heart now that I completely understand the meaning of that moment. I pray that I can continue to uphold the covenants that I have made with my Heavenly Father from now until forever.
But I mentioned the Superbowl in my title, right? Well, as I may have mentioned before, my sister and her family drove up to watch the game with us after church, thank goodness for morning church meetings.
None of us are big football fans and neither of the teams are teams we even watch a little during the season. Our plan was just to have fun together, eat some good food and hang out. We actually watched most of the game. Now, I have always been partial to the underdogs in a game that I have no real loyalties to. Yesterdays Superbowl game was no exception. Both my husband and I assumed the Steelers were going to win but did hope that the Cardinals could pull it off.
Boy did they almost do that too. I am so amazed at how well their offense played. They did so good and I so thought they were going to win it with 2:30 left in the game. But I also knew that 2 and a half minutes is a long time for the other team to score. And score they did. It was an awesome Superbowl game and I am so glad it wasn't all one-sided like it started out to be.
I know that the Cardinals could have pulled it off but I do feel like their defense wasn't playing like they should have. The Cardinals were all one-sided in the fact that the offense was the one doing most of the plays for them.
Anyway, that is the only reason I came on here today. I have been busy cleaning up after the get together and such. I will be sure to show you some eye candy tomorrow. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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