Thursday, October 1, 2009

The same but different

Good morning all!!!  I am back and I am going to show you a card I basically showed you earlier this week.  I got the priviledge to go to a double baby shower last night.  Two wonderful women from my church had baby boys in the last couple of months and we got together last night to celebrate their birth.  I had some fun shopping for boys but I do hope that is the last time in a long time I have to buy baby boy things.
I made a special gift thingie for them which I will show you seperately.  Just in case I don't have time to get some other stuff done I want to give you something to see.  They are the same but decorated just a bit differently so it is like seeming something different.  LOL, that is a bunch of nothing I just spitted out there.
Here is the card that I made for the other ladies package.

So, it is pretty self explanatory so I am going to leave this a short one.  Got lots to do and not a much time to do it.
Thanks for stopping by!!!


Lorie said...

This is cute! You did a great job on both!

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Too cute!