Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last day of going to the school for speech

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Well, it is kinda sad day for me. This is the last time I will be heading to the school to take my oldest to speech class. I was thinking about all the Mother's who have been talking about enjoying the summer with their kids and trying to plan fun activities. It got me to thinking that with my oldest starting kindergarten in the fall. This is my last summer with him as my little guy (even though he isn't so little). I am going to do my best to enjoy this summer and make so many wonderful memories that we can look back and remember when he graduates from High School.

From that I bring you my project for today. This is half of what I made for my oldest speech teacher. I actually decided to do this at the last minute and remembered these boxes I bought probably over a year ago.

Because it has been so long since I got most of this I am not going to have a deet list. I also need to run to get him to speech.

Enjoy your day. Tomorrow I will show you the other half of the gift set.

Sorry for the blurry close up shot but it was the only one I got before I had to get going. I just wanted you to see the close up of the front and what it said.

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resmith said...

This is a great package for a gift! I think I have bought of few of these and are sitting in my cabinet. I guess I should get them out.
It is his late day of speech. Nice but also sad to see them grow up. Enjoy all the time while you can.

Lorie said...

Oh, that is just really pretty! I agree with resmith...enjoy the time with them when you can as when you blink they will be graduating from high school!