Monday, June 1, 2009

Whiff of Joy

Good Monday morning everyone!!! I am going to start this week to make everyday a wonderful day. I had a difficult week with my boys last week. I want to make everyday a day full of laughs, smiles, and love. I realize that you can make excuses and blame this or that for the way you feel or the situation you are in but it is, as I found out this weekend, it is all about attitude and effort.

I happened to catch a preview of a new movie that just came out on video. It is called "Forever Strong". Funny thing, it is about a high school rugby team. I do not know anything about rubgby but I loved the point behind the movie. The story is based on actual events of a young man who was having a lot of problems, got sent to a juvenile facility and started playing for a rugby team (he alraedy played rugby).

While playing for this team (Highland High Rugby) he learned not only a different way of training for rugby but a new way to look at life. It has made me think about how I have been lookign at life. I am not a fan of change but it seems that I when I get in a rut I always assume that if I change something than it would fix my problems. That isn't the case. I need to fix me and the rest will come next.

Well, onto my project for today. I saw on Keri Lee's blog that CPS is looking for a 3 month guest designer. This is an awesome opportunity and I couldn't help but at least try.

I love how this one turned out. This is a stamp in WoJ's summer pack that was a special purchase. My sister's purchase and she was nice enough to stamp a few of these images for me to play with. I am goign to have to get this adorable little guy when he is available individually. The sentiment is seperate.


stamps: Whiff of Joy, PTI polka dot basics, paper tray

ink: momento ink, palette black, PTI spring rain, landscape, versamark

paper: PTI kraft, stash pp

buttons: stash I got at Wal-mart

linen thread, Michael's ribbon

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Lorie said...

So cute! LOVE the buttons!

resmith said...

He is so adorable! Great job. Thanks for giving me a couple of those images. I haven't done anything with them yet. And I sure need to, he is so cute.