Thursday, June 11, 2009

Name Plate

Hello everyone!!! It is Thursday the weekend is almost here. My weekend isn't going to be much different from the week though. My hubby is Webelo's den leader for our church and they are going on their overnight camp out this Friday night. I know they are going to have a blast and it will be good for the hubby to have some extra time away from the chaos we call our family.

My apologies for missing another post yesterday. I am still feeling a little under par. I feel like I might have caught a bug or something. Not too sure. I do hope to have the answers here in a few days. Usually if I do get sick I am only sick for a couple of days.

Today's project is something I have been working on for a while. This is for my newest nephew who is now almost 4 months old. I started it not long after he was born. I know, ducks and shotgun shells for a 4 month old. I can explain. His daddy is a hunter (they live in Wisconsin) and has 2 girls already so any boy stuff like this I am sure is going to go over really well. Besides, when he is older he can still hang this in his room and enjoy it. I am sure he will be quite the avid hunter as well.

Now, I am still not completely finished with this yet. I want to find some rope to use as the hanger and I think I might add a few trinkets to the rope to give it a little more artistic meaning than just the hanger.

There really isn't a deets list. I can't remember where I got the hunting paper on the board. The letters are rub-ons from Joann's and the cream paper is PTI. The die cuts I bought a long time ago and the button's are Chloe's Closet from Making memories. I also got the brads (the screw heads) from Oriental trading posts (I believe).

Hope you have a great day.

Thanks for stopping by!!!



Lorie said...

Oh, this is great! Good job!

resmith said...

This is perfect for him. Don't forget his mother is a hunter also, so I am not so sure the girls won't get into also. Great job!