Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My 5 year old is boxing?

Good Tuesday morning!!! I do have some crafty stuff to show you but I wanted to show you some video I shot with my digital camera yesterday. Sorry this is late. It turns out it takes a lot to upload a video. I am not sure how to do it either. I have it uploaded to youtube. Here is the link if you want to see it. If someone knows how to add the video to your blog I would appreciate it if you coudl email me with the directions.


We have been waiting since Christmas to get a Wii for our family. Now, I am not a video game person but I tried out my sisters Wii and love the way you can get some exercise with it. Right now all we have is the Wii sports that the console came with and Rock Band. My oldest plays the games all day long, well, he would if I let him.

He knows more about the games than I do. Yesterday he was boxing and I just love to watch him box. It is just too hilarious. So, here is a few minutes of how my 5 year old boxes.

Tomorrow I will have a crafty item to show you. Unfortunately my husbands High School buddy lost his mother this past Saturday. I have been asked to make a card for him and his family. So, you will see that here tomorrow if you come back to visit.

Thanks for stopping by!!!


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resmith said...

Well, you finally got your Wii. Cody is too funny. He does like his boxing. I wish I could get part of his energy.
I see that they even got some haircuts.