Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Card #1

Wow!!! I am really late getting this one on. I am so sorry. My family came down with a cold right before our trip to Kansas for my brother's wedding (everyone but me). My husband was the only one that was still fighting with a cold while in Kansas but seemed to be getting better towards the end. Then my youngest son ended up with a runny nose just as we get home. Guess what? My husband starts the cold all over again and now guess who is fighting a cold, yep, I am. I hardly get sick but when I do I am down for the count. The bad thing about this cold is not only do I have a head cold but I have developed another migraine. This one is wanting to stay around for a while. I am pretty much down with it but I am got some serious nausea from this cold that is still wanting to keep me down. I really hope this is no indication of what the cold "season" is going to be like this year.

On to the card. Since I made my card box I needed cards to put in it, right? Well, I am not done with the box yet but wanted to get started on the cards. I saw a while back that Julee put a "tutorial" up about making 4 cards with one piece of 6X6 patterned paper. Okay, so you need more than that one sheet up paper but it is an awesome idea so I went with it. Plus I have some awesome PP from PTI that I couldn't' wait to get and haven't hardly used.

One thing I want to mention about the card and the rest is self-explanatory. The "butterfly" on the sentiment piece is made from the bridal flowers from Michael's, colored with copic markers and what you can't see very well is I took my brown copic marker and drew some antennae for the butterfly and used my pearls as the tips.

I really like how it turned out and plan on making the other 3 for my box.

Have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!!!

ETA: I realized I forgot to add the link to Julee's site where she showed us how to make the cards with one piece of patterned paper.
Plus if you haven't checked out the PTI website I would suggest you do. Nichole has come up with a great winter set.

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