Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vacation pics

My family after the ceremony
This is what my oldest was doing while they were taking pictures and cutting the cake. He kept saying, "Dude, I want some cake". It was really just too funny.
This is what my youngest was doing while waiting for cake. He also kept taking his shirt off. I think he did it about 4 times. Thank goodness everyone just thought it was cute. I thought it was quite embarrassing.
The happy wonderful couple.
This is what my boys were doing while the pictures were being taken.
It was really a fun time. I am so glad that we got the opportunity to go there and meet up with a lot of my family for a happy occasion.
Hopefully I will be able to get into the craft room tomorrow and finally show you something craft related. So sorry I have been away lately. I am planning to stay home for a LONG time now and settle back into normal life :)
Thanks for stopping by.

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Lorie said...

What wonderful happy pictures! Thank you for sharing!