Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The card box

First off, Happy Tuesday!!! Today has to be better than yesterday, right? I don't know about you guys but Mondays are horriffic for me. I don't know what it is but my boys seem to plan all weekend to determine what they are going to do to make my day "fun". I am glad it is Tuesday and hopefully we got all the bugs out.
Today my oldest goes to speech therapy. He isn't bad but needs some help with pronounciation more than anything. We are working on getting him into the speech/preschool program they have in our school district. If he gets accepted (it isn't really being accepted but needs to do some testing to see if the program will benefit him) then instead of going to see his speech therapist he has now he is going to be bussed to a local school and actually have a preschool environment but also focus on his speech. I think he will do wonders there. I look forward to fighting, if I have to, to get him in and learning in a school enviornment, that is what he needs the most, at least that is what I think.
Anyway, as usual I digress. If you remember in a previous post I mentioned a card box that Lorie made on her blog. I couldn't find the template and the nice lady that Lorie is, she emailed me and offered to email another link to me. Fortunately I didn't need her to do that work for me because my sister saw my post and remembered seeing the instructions before, found them and emailed them to me. I will see if I can figure out how to post that file here in this post.
Let's see. For the box I used gray cardstock (not sur the company, maybe Joann's) and some PP I got from Joann's for the top. Unfortunately we cut up the paper and you can't see the beautiful pattern on the paper. The ribbon is PTI lavendar moon and the butterfly stamp (Verve stamp, flutter by) was stamped in PTI plum pudding. I used my clear glitter pen on the butterfly wings and my pearls from Michael's again.
The butterflies on the box were stamped using versamark ink and all the edges were inked using PTI lavendar moon.
I think that is it. I started constructing the inside (the pen holder, stamp holder) but need to finish with the cards, tags, and address book. When I get those done I will show them to you. Until then I hope you like what you see so far.
Have a great Tuesday and thank sfor stopping by!!!

ETA: I can't figure it out, if someone knows how to add a file to a post let me know. If you want the instructions please email me and I will get them to you. I wish I knew how so I can credit the person who made the instructions.

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Lorie said...

Ooooo...this is very pretty! I can't wait to see the inside! If you need to know how to add a link just e-mail me and I'll give you step by step instructions. Have a great day! :o)