Friday, September 19, 2008

A wedding gift

It is Friday WoooHooo!!! Can I just say that I am SOOOOO glad it is Friday. I so need the weekend right now, you would not even believe.

I don't know if anyone remembers me saying that I went to my brother's wedding last month. I made a nice card and some thank you cards for them. Well, there was a mishap and the cards got wet and I wasn't able to give the either. I didn't even know they got wet until we were leaving to go to the wedding so I didn't even have time to go buy them a card, ugh the horror hehehe.

I finally got their wedding gift done. It took me this long to find out what I wanted to do for them and then do it.

I found a nice frame at Wal-mart pretty cheap and then spruced it up with a little of my style. I know it is very "girlie" but that is their colors. She chose to have her girls wear pink and my brother was wearing a pink vest and bow tie. Now all I have to do is print out some of the pictures from the wedding and throw it in the frame and then I can finally mail it to them almost a month late, hehehe

It is late and I am tired from fighting a headache so I am going to be very non-talkative tonight. If you want some deets I am more than willing to give you the answers, just email me the questions. I hope you all have a great weekend planned and thanks for stopping by!!!


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Lorie said...

Oh, this is great!