Thursday, August 28, 2008

Paper Lantern

So, I sat down to craft yesterday. I needed it. It was a long day full of stuff. Like I said, I had breakfast club with some ladies from church. Then I had to take my oldest to speech therapy then when my husband got home we took a trip to the store to get my oldest son's and my husband's hair cut. They needed a haircut before the wedding and since we are leaving Friday morning and tomorrow we need to do some serious packing today was the day for haircuts.
But that isn't what you came here for right.

When I sat down I was trying to figure out what to do. I went through my scrap box trying to see if there was anything to spark my imagination. I found the template for the boxy bag but wasn't sure how I can get it to work. So I played around for a few minutes and decided to make a lantern. I know, a lantern made out of paper. I thought it was a cute idea and thought that you can always use the flameless candles or maybe put a hole in the back and use a lightbulb.
I just got off part of the boxy bag and folded everything up on one side. Cut some PTI scrap vellum cardstock. Since it was going to be a lantern I punched holes in the vellum. Unfortunately the only decorative punch I had was stars but it worked out wonderfully. I punched a few lines to make it look like the star was shooting across the sky. Then I took some PTI lemon tart ink and rubbed it around the stars. I wanted to do something else so I put a flower at the top and took the sentiment from Verve's flutter by set. Fits it perfectly, right? The sentiment was stamped using lemon tart at first but since it didn't show up I used palette brown. Then I just took some Michael's ribbon and used that to tie the sentiment to the bottom of the lantern.
I hope you enjoy it. Happy Thursday!!! The torture is almost over and the fun is about to begin :)
Thanks for stopping by.

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Lorie said...

It is very the stars with that sentiment! Good job!