Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Viva Las Vegas...

Okay, I told you I have been busy and I might share you some pictures of my trip to Vegas.

It was a great night away from the kids. My sister took them on Saturday and we got some last minute stuff done at home and drove to Vegas on Sunday.

We got to Vegas early in the afternoon and just took our time. Went shopping, looking for Christmas presents for the boys.

We ate dinner at the Venetian hotel, wonderful Italian restaurant. So very good and not as expensive as I presumed (I am a cheapskate for sure). After that we had a lovely ride on the gondola. Our gondolier was awesome and we are sure he was actually Italian, what a shocker. By then it was late so we went back to our hotel.

Monday was when my SIL flew in. We picked her up and took her to New York New York. We had never been so it was nice to see their version of New York. According to my hubby and SIL that really isn't like New York.

So, anyway, here are some pictures of the great Lady, Statue of Liberty and the MGM lion (they are right next to each other).

I was very surprised at how many people are still in Vegas. I was hoping it would be a lot less crowded, hubby and I are not good with crowds. Funny, considering I am born and raised So. Cal. girl.

Hope you enjoy the pics and have a great Wednesday.


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