Monday, August 11, 2008

Yankees vs. Angels

Happy Monday everyone!!!

It was so awesome to go to Angels Stadium. The stadium was so neat. I had been many, many years ago but it had been renovated a few years back. The fountain was so neat and awesome to see. Every time the Angels got a home run they shot off fireworks and since the Angels won the game there was fireworks after the game as well.

It really was a fun game. There was a pitcher's duel for 6 innings (meaning that no one scored a run until the 7th inning and there are 9 innings in a game). The Yankees were winning up until the bottom of the 8th inning when their relief pitchers just could not get an out. I don't want to share the score because it was very embarrassing but that is okay. The Yankees are still awesome and everyone was so nice, well almost everyone. There were those Angels fan that like to chant not nice things but that is okay, it is expected. I had fun and so did my SIL and DH. We are hoping to go back again just for a fun game no Yankees so maybe we will root for the Angels. Maybe we can get to a playoff game this year, that would be awesome. Hope everyone else had a great weekend.

We shall see you tomorrow and thanks for stopping by here today.


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Lorie said...

Wow! Your game sounds like the one I went to just last week! Glad you had a good time!