Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to the 80s

Okay, so you may have noticed I don't have a project for you to see. Here is why.
My husband is the leader of the cub scouts in our church. Last night was den meeting and they were playing softball so we went as a family. It was so fun. My oldest son got to play with them. He is only 4 going on 5 and loves baseball. It helps that Daddy is obsessed with baseball too. hehehe Anyway, oldest son loves to play but has never really "played" he just throws the ball and pretends to run the bases in the house. He got to play last night and loved it. But, when he hit the ball he ran for 1st but then decided to make a detour and ran to 2nd instead. It was so cute watching the little guys try to field the ball or run the bases, so cute.
After we got home we watched the 5th episode of Star Wars. My SIL has never seen the last 3 in the series and my husband just wasn't having that so we sat down last night and the night before and will again to watch the last 3 (or first 3 depending on how you look at it) movies of Star Wars.
Now, I am writing this real quick because my ward is meeting (well the ladies and the kiddos) for Breakfast Club. We live in the desert and were meeting for lunch in one of the parks near by but since it is summer and unbearably hot we decided to meet for breakfast before it gets too hot.
If you are from the 80s you get the whole "back to the 80s" thing. First, Star Wars (80 movies) and the Breakfast club. Get it, the movie from the 80s "Breakfast club" hehehe.
I know I am silly. My husband is a product of the 80s, I like to deny it but have recently admitted it. I can't deny it when I sing along to all the top 80s songs, remember all the horrible styles of hair and clothes we subjected ourselves to.
Anyway, we have a little calmer day today but not by much so I really hope that I can get into the craft room tonight for something for you guys to see tomorrow.
Have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping by.

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