Thursday, March 5, 2009

No eye candy today

Hello everyone!!! I hope you have a great Thursday ahead of you. We are almost to the weekend Wooohooo!!!
I have projects but no time to show them to you today. I am taking my boys to visit my family for the day.
My hubby has his big promotion test tomorrow. The one good thing about the Air Force is that even though they have to test to get a promotion they do give them the day before off.
Today is the day off for my husband. Since peace and quiet is the best way to study and my boys are anything but, I have decided that we are going to spend the day outside our house. Since we are so close to my parents and sisters, why not go spend a fun filled day with them, right? Gotta get as much family time in before the military decides to move us again.
I will have the pictures taken and uploaded to my computer so you can see what I made with this weeks CPS (Card Positioning Systems) sketch, thank you Lorie for helping me with that.
Have a great day and if you remember please keep my hubby in your thoughts and prayers that he will be able to study efficiently and test well tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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