Friday, March 27, 2009


Wooohooo!!! It has been a crazy week here for us. Just about everyday, well, everyday except today we have had something planned.

Yesterday I had a really bad allergy attack. I am doing much better today but I have yet to step foot outside. I am kinda afraid to.

Wednesday night we had a busy night. After my husband got home from work we rushed to get dinner done, finish my sons pinewood derby car and then head to the church so we can help set up the Pinewood Derby track.

To clarify a few things. My son is only 5 is NOT a cub scout. My husband is the Webelo's leader for the church cub scouts pack. It has been fun for our whole family. When it comes to pack meetings and pinewood derby's and for the blue and gold banquet the whole family got to participate. My oldest is already looking forward to being able to officially participate in the cub scouts program.

Here are a few pictures of the event. I have something I have been working on but it isn't finished because of time restraints and the allergy attack. I will post it on Monday. I can promise it will be done because I will be spending the weekend with my sister and niece and we pretty much have a full day of crafts planned for Saturday.

My husband, Brother-in-law, and his son are planning a hunting weekend with a bunch of other guys. Since hubby and I have only one card now I decided to spend the day with family, why not, right?

I will be sure to show some pictures of the weekend on Monday as well. For those that are not hunting fans I will put those pictures at the end so you don't have to see them if you don't want to.

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Meek House of Insanity said...

Hey Melissa,
Just wondered if you were planning on coming over to make cards on Friday at my house? They boys are always welcome of course!