Wednesday, July 16, 2008

1, 2, 3...

Oh my gosh, if you are not a Pink Cat Studio fan please go check out her blog. I have been featured on her blog for the card I made my husband for Father's Day. How cool is that.

Also, my mojo card is on Julee's blog here. It has been included in her weekly slide show of all the entries. Sadly, I didn't wind the free stamp set but I already got several from her so I am happy.

On to my next project. Like I mentioned in this post, I guess briefly,we visited some friends a few weeks back. We actually met them when we were lucky enough to be stationed in Alaska for 5 years. I watched their oldest son for about 2 years. My husband and his friend not only worked together but also went 4-wheeling and hunting together. My husbands friend has since separated from the military and they moved back to the town they both grew up in, Lake Tahoe, how awesome is that. I have driven through but haven't had a chance to really see it. My boys loved it, the men went 4-wheeling on the Rubicon Trail and us girls took 4 boys, between the age of 1 and 4 to the beach. They all had fun and it was fun watching my boys play.

The next day we all went fishing. It was a great weekend.

Anyway, we found out that due to a computer mishap they had lost a lot of pictures from our time in Alaska. We came home and set out to make them a CD of a lot of pictures we had. My husband requested I make a holder to put the CD in.

I decided to try to stick with the same theme as the card I made them, mentioned earlier.

This is fairly self explanatory so if you have any questions feel free to ask. Oh, want you may not be able to see is the bling that I put on there, the stem for the flowers, leaves, white part of the flower, the white part of the butterfly and it's antennae. I tried to make it very simple.

Thanks for visiting.

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