Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dress Up Billy Chart

My oldest son is still having issues with bed-wetting. I hear boys have a problem with this and could up until they are 8-10 years old. I hope that is not the case with my son. He is only 4 and a half so I still think he is okay but we are working on kicking it out of him (not literally). For some reason my oldest doesn't like to get me up, he always has to wake up his Dada (I know can't kick that out of him either it has always been Dada and not sure if that is ever going to change). Well, hubby is tired of having to change sheets in the middle of the night so we took the sheets off his bed and he won't get them back until he learns to go to the bathroom at night. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but you gotta teach them somehow.

So, to encourage him I decided to make him a chart of his successful nights. I was going to make it very simple but then I remembered my Dress Up Billy set from Pink Cat Studio and had to use the pajamas in the kit. I started out with generic red paper (his favorite colors right now are red and brown) and printed up a chart with everyday of the week. My goal is to get him to stay dry all night long for a week, if he does that he can have sheets on his bed again. I then took some brown paper and cut it to 8 and a half" by 11". It looked plain so I rummaged through my scrap box and found the cowboy paper from SU! (don't remember the real name but it is retired anyway). I used one scrap to go down the side and then another I cut the bottom with my scallop scissors and put that towards the bottom.

From there I found some goodies from one of my Joann's shopping and put the red and glitter corner piece down with a brown grommet (from my Crop-a-dile II stash). Then took the yellow star and glued it down with some sticky tape, it needed more so I found a red button I got from the dollar section at Target and put that in the center.

Billy was just a little more complicated. I stamped Billy and then the pajama set on PTI white cardstock. I colored Billy's pajamas with a red and brown copic marker. To get the pattern I took my colorless blender and made stripes on his shirt and dabbed it on his pants to make it look like it had texture. I also colored his hair with a brown copic. To make the skin color I took a prismacolor pencil and used OMS. Cut out his head and pajamas and glued them on to another piece of white cardstock (PTI). I sponged the edges with real red (SU!) ink and then again with Palette brown ink. Then glued it to the chart, done. It was fairly quick once I got a real idea of what I wanted done. All I know is that my son loves it and that is all that matters.

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Lauren (mytime) said...

LOVE the idea of a bed wetting chart. Such a cute chart and a great idea.
I think you sharing your ideas is great. I also don't think anyone should say anything about how YOU decide to train him. You know him best, and he is your child. To each their own. We all have different things that work.

What about buying a waterproof bed pad? My almost 4yo girl still wets the bed at night. They have great training pull ups now a days too that make them cold when they wet. Im not sure why she is taking so long either. My son was pretty early with being fully potty trained.My oldest still isn't night trained and she is almost 9. We do have other issues though so Im not really worried about that just yet.

Every child is so different. Good luck I hope the chart helps!