Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th pictures

We stayed on base for the 4th since we found out that they were having a big summer bash here with fireworks. We live in the desert so fireworks are a big no-no some places. We had no desire to drive anymore but was gearing up for a drive to see some fireworks. (We have been in Alaska and for the 4th of July there really isn't any darkness so the fireworks are shot off at midnight on the 3rd, still dawn so hard to see still.

This was going to be our boy's first "real" 4th of July experience. They had trampoline ride, bounce houses, slip-n-slides, mazes, etc. Of course they had food booths, a band, and even some wrestling, it wasn't a bad event. I did get some pictures of the fireworks, they aren't great but I am happy with them.

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