Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I didn't get any stamping in yesterday but I do have something craft related to share with you. So, remember how I said that I got to spend some time with my parents last weekend.

My Mom brought me something that I haven't seen in a long time. I used to cross-stitch (a lot) back in the day. I prefer counted not stamped. I am more happy when I have definite directions and with stamped you have to decide how you are going to do parts of it for yourself.

I believe I made this many years ago for my Grandma. I could be wrong but that is how I remember it.

The "Believe" sign. My parents made that for me. Isn't it great. My parents are great. They have made so many wonderful projects for my siblings and I. My Dad does the woodworking and my mom does the painting, it is great.

I have been wanting a sign that says "Believe" for a while but just haven't found one that I like enough. I happened to mention that to my Mom and while back and they just surprised me with this sign on Saturday.

Yeah!!! Thanks Mom and Dad!!!

Hope you have a great Tuesday.


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