Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pink Cat Guest Designer Contest

Thanks to Lauren Meader, I told you I stalk her blog hehehe. Anyway, because of her I have fallen for Pink Cat Studio stamps. The owner, Melissa (isn't that an awesome name hehehe, I know I am silly) has issued a guest designer challenge. She has 4 sets now (well more than that but the 4 have to do with the challenge) 2 of "Lily" and 2 of "Billy". One of each is a play set, kids dressed up in whatever kids may dress up in and then another set called "Dress up Billy/Lily". I have two boys so I have both of the Billy stamps. Since I have nieces and still hope to have a girl some day I am going to have both Lily's stamps one day too.

So, to make a short story long. Melissa has challeneged her friends to create a project showing what we think either Billy or Lily's room may look like. It can be any size and shape and I believe basically any project that portrays Billy or Lily. The only catch is, if you are going to use a stamp it has to be a Billy or Lily stamp.

Melissa and her design team are going to pick a winner. The winner will be the guest designer for Pink Cat Studio for the month of August.

Here is what is posted on the Pink Cat Studio website. The guest designer will receive the new accessories stamp set and will be required to create 5 cards with the stamps and post them on her blog during the sneak peek week. She will also be featured in our newsletter, on the company blog and in the gallery.All entries for this contest will be posted in the company gallery and may be used for promotional purposes in print and on the web.

I am probably giving the "competition" a little help here (that is of course my creation is worth copying) but I wanted to post my creation for all you guys to see. I had fun making this and think it turned out pretty cute. All I know is that my oldest son loves it so I might find a frame and frame so he can hang it in his room. He says it is him. On a side note:for an extra dollar Melissa will personalize your Billy or Lily stamp set for you. In other words, she will change the name of the stamp set (for your personal set you order) with the name of your choice. For instance if you have a son named Randy and you chose to pay an extra dollar for your set. The stamp set you receive in the mail will say "Dress up Randy".

By the way, Melissa and Pink Cat Studio are located in British Columbia (which I have to say is one BEAUTIFUL place). Even with that her customer service is awesome and her shipping is super quick. I am not sure it even took a full week to get the stamps I have ordered from her, although she does say that you can expect your stamps in two weeks, I can almost guarantee it won't take that long.

Okay, you want to see my creation?.....I told you I am crazy.


Melissa said...

This is so cute Melissa! I love the concept of Billy breaking through the wall, great idea!! Thanks for entering the contest :)

Stefanie said...

So funny. Billy crashing through the wall is so classic "super man." What little boy wouldn't love this?